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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 53

Raymond W. Folk, Jr.

Raymond W. Folk, Jr.

Raymond W. Folk, Jr. was born on the fourth of July, 1940. He was employed at Dana Corps. For 28 ½ years, retiring after becoming legally blind from diabetes.

Raymond had a white German Shepard dog he got as a puppy. His name was Ralph. Ralph died of Cancer at 12 years old in October 2011. Sponge Bob was one of Raymond’s favorite cartoons.

Snowman was Raymond’s CB handle. Raymond went deer hunting most of his adult life.

Raymond watched Penn State football on TV as often as he could. Raymond collected anything Mickey Mouse, John Deer and Holiday Barbies.

Raymond passed away on December 3, 2012 of heart failure and end stage renal diesese. Raymond was able to donate skin tissue and bone marrow.

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