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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 53

Ralph E. McConnell

Ralph E. McConnell

Ralph’s father described him as the number one hardest working man in town. Dad considered himself as number two. Ralph was extremely intelligent. When he was solving a problem you could almost see his mind working. He won a scholarship to college, but all he wanted to do was work with his dad. One time when we were at a local parts place, before computers, he added up the parts and gave the clerk the total before he finished on the calculator.

Ralph was a good man that loved his family and would do anything for them. He good jobs for his older sons and help them get their house. He gave a place for his younger son and granddaughter to live in while they lived here.

He was always up for a long ride as long as we got home for the night. One time we took Route 1 in New Jersey and we stopped at all the junk yards we could find. He had a blast looking for that old truck part.

He was a great boss, the men loved him. He was soft spoken and most people when they met him liked him.

Ralph was a talented man. He built his house, learned about finances, and even learned some truck repair. One time I asked him if he wanted a home repair “How to” book. He laughed and said “I forgot more than is in that book.” He was loved and will be truly missed. RIP.

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