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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 53

Benjamin Pedmo

Benjamin Joeseph Pedmo

As we, Bens family sit and reflect on Ben, So much life and love for it.

This was at first a difficult decision to try reflect Ben on his patch. The morning was upsetting, when I could not find clothing of baby Ben it took a while to settle myself I then realized it was young man Ben who made his decisions.

So this represents young man Ben. The shiny sleeve was Bens 6th grade dance. He danced and all the girls liked him. He however was convinced it was the shiny shirt. He wore shiny shirts for two weeks every day to school. The dark blue sleeve is from his coveralls he wore when wrenching. He was nicknamed “Buster Ben in the Blue Suit.” The orange patch is from his hunting vest he had it on when he got his 10 point “T.V. Buck.” Ben enjoyed a varied taste as you can see. Ranging from Pink Floyd to “Breaking Benjamin” the last concert he went to. The waves are from Bens first work shirts. He was fourteen then. They were all long sleeves in the summer. His boss was not pleased to see shirt sleeves cut off. The name tag is from Bens work shirt. The tape holder is from his tool pouch. The swim truck pocket are from Ben’s tourist shorts. The boy traveled to many places in his life. The rafting patch is from a rafting trip for my 45th birthday oct of 2010. The rest of the swatches of Bens life are just all Ben.

So wraps this up, my giving son enjoyed life all of it. Young man Ben was an accomplished electrician and had been since he was 14. He could wrench on just about anything. Ben loved to be outside for all seasons. Camping, fishing, hunting, swimming in the ocean, enjoying all things outside.

In ending this Ben is always going to be my son. I am mom, Karen, Dad Randy, Sister Danielle, and niece born 1/6/2012 Kadey.

We, Bens Family hope that “Bens Gift” has helped many I encourage anyone who reads this to consider giving a gift.

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