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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 53

Brian Keith Friday, Jr.

Brian Keith Friday Jr.

The material chosen is taken from a one piece pajama that was a favorite of Brians. It is aqua blue in color, decorated with monkeys and hearts appropriate for Brian who liked to climb like a monkey and had a heart of gold. “Lil man” that appears on the material was Brians nickname growing up. Although Brian may have been only 5ft and 5in, he was a giant when it came to being kind and caring. This kindness carried over even after his death by donating his organs allowing people to survive.

The panda was chosen because it was his favorite animal. The panda with his beaming eyes, although a massive animal in size, it was a gentle creature, both nurturing and loving.

Finally, the picture of Brian, with the ducks in the background shows his true colors. A young man full of energy and always thinking of others. This picture shows his amazing smile that I am sure he is smiling to this day.

You are missed and the love we have for you will never fade.

With all my love xoxo Todd

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