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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 53

Fredrick (Rick) Nelson Eck

Frederick Nelson Eck

This quilt was made to honor my husband and best friend, Rick. This quilt symbolizes his love of flyfishing and his home life. Rick was an avid flyfisherman and became a Master Flytyer.he was well known in the flyfishing community for both his expertise in flyfishing and flytying. I recall watching him fish and always being in awe of his skill. It was like watching art in the making.

Rick was a passionate man. He loved life and made every day worth living. Rick loved his home life, family, friends and his accounting practice. Rick and I built a little farm together where we grew vegetables and fully enjoyed raising chickens and goats.

Rick wore his heart on his sleeve and when we fell in love and married there wasn’t a day gone by that he didn’t demonstrate profound love for me and his loyalty to his family. His love for his Mom was evidenced by his everyday actions. Bettie raised a good man!

My wedding dress was also used in the quilt to memorialize our marriage. Rick gave me hope that true love does exist and does thrive. Though our time together was cut short, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am one of the lucky ones who got the chance to truly love and be loved. I am glad that parts of Rick live on somewhere out there. His spirit lives on in my heart and a very special place has been carved into my soul where my Rick remains and where his love can still be felt. I miss you, Rick, more than can be imagined.

This quilt was made by Jean Dewar, a good friend to both of us and a master quilter.

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