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Jillian Hope Patterson

Remembering Jillian Hope Patterson

May 1st 1984, Jillian Hope Patterson came into this world on her own terms. She arrived two and a half months prematurely. Weighing in at a whopping 2lbs. 13 ounces, she defied the odds of complications and came home at 4lbs. 5 ounces.

Jillian started her school career at 4 months and loved all 21 years of it. Even though she wasn’t a really good reader, could do minimal math, only printed her name, she reached a level of independence that was truly impressive.She had an innate sensitivity. People were really attracted to her sincere, sweet smile, and soft touch. She understood that her beloved Aunt Terry wouldn’t get to see her perform as Cindy Lou Who at Harmony Theatre as she soloed at her bedside.Jillian was a flamboyant dresser, mixing and matching colors, ponchos, and her ever-present sun glasses. She was a strong believer that the sun was ALWAYS shining somewhere! She loved shopping and her online cart was always full! Jillian was extremely organized, spending hours categorizing and organizing her CD’s and many pocket books. Jillian was always last off the dance floor. She was very graceful and truly danced like nobody was looking! She loved Disney. We credit the little mermaid with getting our Esther Williams back in the water following a mishap in the friends pool. She truly believed she was a mermaid. Jillian loved being with her friends and participating in the Special Olympics. Although not very competitive, she’d gracefully glide through the water or participate as the “pocket Hercules” of power lifting. She was confident, independent, sweet, thoughtful, and accomplished more than we ever dreamed. We don’t understand why her life was cut short, but all of us who came into contact with her are better for it.

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