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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 45

Dennis W. Hagan

Dennis W. Hagan

October 15, 1958 – April 15, 2012

About Dennis (The Menace)

Dennis was the 6th child out of 10. He was the “ornery” one from a very early age…getting in trouble with parents, siblings, teachers, neighbors alike. But you couldn’t help loving him. He had a heart of gold and would give you the shirt off his back. Of course, he’d try to figure out a way to get a shirt to replace the one he just gave away and would get in trouble for that… mostly from one of his other brothers. We were very poor and one year when Dennis was around 12 or 13, our parents could not afford a Christmas tree. Dennis came to the rescue by cutting down one of our neighbor’s fir trees. Of course, more trouble for Dennis but we were happy as we had a tree for Christmas. The neighbor, of course, was as not happy but eventually forgave us. Dennis was such a giving person it didn’t surprise us that he wanted to help others, if he could, by the Gift of Life.

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