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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 39

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Sarah Anne Gdula

November 23, 1981 – September 3, 2011

“Always in our hearts”

“You are our Sunshine, our only Sunshine,

You made us happy when skies were gray,

You’ll never know dear, how much we loved you,

But God took our Sunshine away”. DAMN YOU, epilepsy!

Sarah, you make us happy by living in others that you so unselfishly donated to. As you wished, others now see through your corneas, use your bones for mending and your skin for healing. We are forever grateful for the time (29 years) that we had and enjoyed you!

We gave you life and the opportunity to see how others lived and behaved by living in various states, seeing the world by living abroad, and visiting other countries. You spread your sunshine near and far and we have depicted it in this quilt square. The colors represent your life; the yellow sun is your sunshine personality; pink was your favorite color; purple represents your fight against epilepsy. You will always be on our lips, live in our hearts and always be in your family’s and friend’s hearts for the fond memories of the excellent time that we had with you!

As you found inspiration in doing the National Epilepsy Walk each year in Washington DC, so will your family and friends continue to do so in your memory through TEAM SARAH wearing the pink hats with the purple ribbons!

“Not another moment lost to seizures”

You are gone but not forgotten; WE LOVE YOU, TAH!

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