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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 37

Bryan Tyler Fedak

I was born January 5, 1988. It changed my family’s life, more than just my family’s life, it changed the world! My gram told me that it was the greatest day of her life and that my parents were the two happiest people in the world…July 20, 1990, was the day my brother and sister were born. I don’t remember much from the day, but I remember the most important thing, that from that day on my life was going to be changed forever…I realized that I now have to take care of and watch out for them.

Early school years were spent playing football in the annex. Gramps picking me up every Thursday, going to Burger King. Baba – Wednesdays, going to eat, shopping, meeting new friends…learning to play basketball! “Those were the days of no worries.”

Advice about high school – “Don’t let anyone stop you from enjoying yourself because those years cannot be repeated.”

“Nana, I love you, I will never forget you.” Things I will never forget: family and friends.

Love Mom, Dad, Jade, Keaton, Papa, Baba, Erin, Jeff, Sarah, Mike, Pat, Suelynn, Walter, Joe, BeaAnn, Justin, Joe, Steph, Jordan, Aunt Joyce, A.J….Love, Respect, Care, Peace, Have fun – You Only Live Once!

Favorites…hot wings, blue cheese, pizza, basketball, girls, sex, American Eagle…the colors of the rainbow…

We know how much we have been changed by his death but how much we have changed because of his life; the loss is real but so is the gift…we are different for having had his love and loved him…hold this close to your heart and enjoy the pleasure of your journey…Memory Eternal Dear Bryan.

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