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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 37

Gilbert Chesney

“Gil” Chesney was born a twin, but most certainly was one of a kind. This quilt square is dedicated to “Chunky” as he was known in his youth.

It is made from material from his favorite shirt and pants and represents the loves of his life. The flag heart represents the fact that Gil was an Air Force Veteran of the Vietnam War, VFW and American Legion member and officer in both, a lifelong patriot and community servant.

Gilbert was also an avid outdoorsman, so I had to include patches to show that! Given the chance, Gil would fish in any body of water for hours on end and hunt for days on the property of his favorite place on Earth, “the Calrin”.

The “paws” patch represents Max, his constant faithful, furry friend who he affectionately referred to as “Junior”. They were inseparable!

And, lastly, the center red heart stands for Gil’s deep love and fierce loyalty to his large family, from parents, brothers, sisters, in-laws, to his “favorite” nephew, great-niece & great-nephew, to me, his fiancé!

Gil was a simple man with simple ways, and was always willing, with a smile, to help anyone in any way he could. From the simplest countless deeds of his lifetime though the selflessly generous act of organ donation upon his death, it was all typical Gilbert! He is loved, missed and remembered every day and our lives are so much richer for having been a part of his. God Bless You, Gil. Til we meet again…

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