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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 37

Vincent Cortezzo


January 21, 2011

This photo of our beloved husband/father/grandfather “Jim” depicts our loved on to a tee. This was on his 72nd birthday, which was also formal night on a cruise ship. The glee and twinkle in his eye when he was give not one but two helpings of lobster was joy for all of us, as he said “You mean I can have two?!” Then came the serenade and cake. This was one of many special memories for us. He was always an avid connoisseur of any and all foods, both home and away. Meals were the highlight of his days. He was the consummate critic and go-to person, willing to share his critique either in his gentle soft way of a nod and thumbs up sign, or a robust disapproval and/or occasional boycott of the meal or a particular food. He even critiqued his own cooking! Laughing at the dinner table was not unusual. We enjoyed his antics and have many fond memories of all our food related experiences. He loved cooking and feeding his family and was the “king” of meatballs and seafood pasta. He taught his oldest grandson, and us, the art of making meatballs, but they never tasted as good as his.

Memories: Love from his wife, daughter & husband, son & wife, and grandchildren.

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