Giving Life a Second Chance
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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 38

Todd A. Hasz

A gift is something given without the expectation of receiving something in return. Todd was a gift from heaven. He was adopted by our family as a baby and gave us much love and joy for 38 years.

Todd loved being outdoors and was an avid snowboarder, cyclist, kayaker and dive master. More than anything, he enjoyed music and played the bass guitar, flute and African drums. He was also an entrepreneur and created and designed Scubahides® and Medieval Door Systems®.

Todd’s adventurous spirit – and the stories it produced – was a gift to all of us. He delighted in the wonderment of life and all that it brought his way. He never sat on the sidelines and wondered “what if”. He jumped right in and experienced life without hesitation. No matter the outcome, his crazy experiences always made for some unbelievable stories that only he could weave.

He had a wonderfully wicked sense of humor. You knew Todd was close by when you heard his unrestrained pearls of laughter. He could always mange to take something that supposed to be serious and turn it into something hilarious. For instance, hooked up to various machines, pumps and wires in the hospital, he would proudly wear a “Six Million Dollar Man” t-shirt. He even named his dog “Diogué”, pronounced d-o-g. The gift enabled him to quickly make lifelong friends wherever he went.

Todd was truly a people person. He could enter a place full of strangers and leave having made many friends. His hugs were like no other, making you feel so very loved and cherished.

Todd brought many gifts to all our lives, but none as precious and more welcomed to our family than his son, Tyler and his fiancée, Sheila. We are so blessed to have this beautiful part of him still with us.

Sadly, Todd passed away while waiting for a heart donor. He new the importance and the meaning of giving and receiving as his own brother works for the Gift of Life Donor Program. It gives our family great comfort in knowing that he gave the gift of life to others.

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