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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 38

Charles Hiden

The patchwork was created in honor of my husband Chuck.

The background represents twenty-five years of U.S. Army Service, National Guard. The fabric was taken from one of his jackets. The U.S. flag shows his love of his country and his pride to be an American and fight for this country. Chuck served in Germany, Bosnia and Iraq as Chaplain’s Assistant.

Chuck wore many hats, but his full-time job was a York City firefighter. He was very proud of his career and loved helping others.

The cure English bulldog patch represents our dog, Dirk, who we got together as a puppy and is now four years old. Dirk was Chuck’s best friend.

The Dallas pin represents his support for the Dallas Cowboys.

The read head symbolizes the two favorite girls in his life, his daughter Natasha and his wife Pip.

The John Deere pin represents his love of his tractor and cutting our large area of grass. He used to say, “Nothing runs like a Deere”.

We love you Chuck and we miss you.

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