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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 36

Agnes Mary Guber

Agnes Mary Guber, she is special in so many ways. Beloved spouse, daughter and Mother to all God’s creations. She was gifted with being one with animals and communicating with them. They brought out an inner strength and passion that was beautiful and an inspiration to be part of. She was best friends with Karen. They met in school and were very close. The three hearts on the square represent us. Rikki, Aggie and Mom. We were inseparable. When we met I told her to take care of my Mom. She really admired that. We did a lot of day trips together. We enjoyed the lake, mountains, dining out and shopping. We frequently visited the coal region and Lancaster County. Last spring I told Aggie there was a stray cat coming around. A couple days later she told me spoke to it and we would feed it. We started putting out cat food. The birds started eating it. So now we feed the cats, put our bird food, squirrel food and can’t forget the raccoons. Every morning we would go out front at 6 am., and have breakfast out there. Watch the critters and the sun rise. She used to drive past a pond on her way to work. One year we had a drought and saw the ducks in a vanishing pond. She commented to me, “If I could just bring a bucket of water a day for the duck’s.” We used to go to Pet Expo’s. It was so inspirational to watch her see all these animals. She enjoyed helping numerous rescue organizations. Before she moved to Pennsylvania she was vice-president of a rescue organization. She was two dogs and three cats. Goobie and Jackie her puppies and Poona, Gretel and our new addition in her honor, Aggie Marie. She worked 31 years at DuPont Hospital for Children. She had worked with spinal cord injuries and volunteering with AIDS patients were among many of her accomplishments. She made life so special. Mom used to say, “Never a dull moment with Aggie around.” You are my life’s inspiration and I will carry out your goals and dreams til we meet again. Love from your friend Karen and all God’s creatures. And of course Rikki and Mom. It will always be RAM. Rikki, Aggie and Mom. We all love you with our heart and soul.

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