Giving Life a Second Chance
Through Organ & Tissue Donation

"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 36

Kenneth Sean Kline

On 4/19/92 our family received what was truly a gift of life; Kenny. A young boy, full of life; Kenny enjoyed playing basketball, baseball and football; all sports he shared various championships in. He was a coach at Rhawnhurst Athletic Association; the recipient of the Vince Presto award at N.E. High School. Kenny enjoyed playing his guitar as a way to slip away from life’s daily drudgeries. He enjoyed being in the fresh air, fishing or riding a quad or dirt bike.

It was his faith and desire to share all his life experiences that set him apart. Kenny was an inspiration to those he came in contact with. He truly loved the people around him and they loved him. He understood that having a gift is not as fulfilling as sharing it; and in this he openly shared in every aspect of his life. His friends would say; “He had a big heart.”

So when the time came for Kenny to get his driver’s license we had a long father-son talk. I being a loving parent was not willing to even consider the possibility of my son being a donor; but it was what Kenny wanted. So I promised Ken that if the day ever came I would honor his wishes and he would be able to continue to share in what we have always seen as our gift of life. On 3/26/11 Kenny dropped his motorcycle in an attempt to avoid a collision. We honor Ken today for the gift he was and always will be.

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