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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 35

Daniel T. Manela

Daniel “Dann” Manela was an outgoing young man who always made you feel like you were the center of the universe when you were with him. Although he left this world much earlier than his family and friends would have liked, his presence is still felt everyday by those who love him, especially his parents and his older sister. The items in this quilt square symbolize some of Dann’s favorite things. The stick family represents Dann’s immediate family and their two golden retrievers. His family always came first, above all else. The happy face represents Dann’s ability to make even the crankiest of people smile. He had a unique sense of humor, and was always able to look at the bright side of thing. You were never sad or bored when he was around. The monkeys are a likeness of the tattoo on his calf. The mountain stands for his love of outdoor activities, whether visiting Colorado and snowboarding with his sister and her husband’s family, hunting with his father, or visiting his girlfriend’s extended family. The fish signifies his love of saltwater fishing, especially with his father. A bittersweet memory is the deep sea trip he arranged and attended with his father only two months before he left this earth. The camo represents his love of hunting, rifles, and guns. The Greek symbols are those of his college fraternity, Pi Omega Delta, his true brothers. The center patch depicts his motorcycle and his love of life. He truly enjoyed riding his motorcycle; it was his main form of transportation and also his prized possession. He always preferred riding his bike to riding in a “cage”. He left this earth doing what he loved best…riding his bike. Ride free, Dann!

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