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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 35

Angel Berrocal

Angel shined light onto all things throughout his life, much like a Sunflower. He embraced the rays of the fiery sun and reflected them ever so gently with his lovely wife, eight children, thirteen grandchildren, and numerous friends. He portrayed the importance of harnessing this light ever so diligently, so that it could pass through, without bias, to our immediate and distant loved ones with the eternal message that this light will glow forever. Angel had the ability to love without boundaries, and he always embodied the abilities of his favorite, the sunflower, as it created life by passing light to all that came in his path. Angel’s family misses him every day, but we understand that with his light we have been given the gift to take a little love a long way. In the words of Angel, “a little love goes a long way. A little love goes a long way. A little love goes a long way, a little love a little love!” We love you Papi, and we will continue to shed your light thru the “childreenies.”

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