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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 31

Ralph A. Paxton

When my husband became terminally ill the quality of his life was one he had much difficulty enduring. He never complained and he tried very hard to make everyone around him think he was okay and would weather the dark times. He knew in his heart and mind though, that things would never be the same and prepared for the worst. He told me what he wanted to wear for his funeral, wrote his own obituary and left a letter for me to read with out children after he died. That must have been the hardest thing anyone could ever have to do. He wanted to be casual so he chose a favorite shirt that had eagles on the left side pocket; one he wore to many family functions. He was adamant about wearing this shirt. The day of his funeral I had seen bird feathers in my driveway and then at the cemetery service there was an eagle/hawk flying in the distance watching from afar. Ever since that day I see the same birds soaring all around, especially when I am missing him the most. My children experience the same sightings and I know they feel the same way I do. I feel it's his way of saying he free of illness and he is happy.....especially since he is with our daughter who passed away 19 years ago. It gives me peace and comfort knowing they are flying around together and watching over all of us.

This eagle symbolizes strength and represents his free spirit and his way of staying here with us! We all love and miss him very much.

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