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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 31

Saheed Id Musari

From------Oct 19th 1999 -------Sep18th 2010 Rest In Peace

Lord. We thank you for sending Saheed to us, we cherish and appreciate every single seconds, minutes, hours, days, and 10yrs that Saheed spent with us. It helps to know that a part of our loving Son is alive somewhere in someone else. Saheed smiling face establish very highly love among others, an energetic , caring, loving lengend Son who will live forever in our heart and keep our memories alive always. Hope to see you again son .

Forever yours: Dad, Mom, Zee, Tai and Kenny Musari

How could it be

How could it be, Life so unpredictable

Don't know what tomorrow will bring, or how it will be

We all reminiscence on the past, how good it was

If only we go back in time in our mind and rewind

And then we sit and talk how the future will become

Then we try to form this fairytale and create this amazing life

Forgetting that in life we can't always win

How could it be, when there are downfalls,

Thinking that you could have done this, or should have done that

But it was actually mean to be, we all win and sometimes we lose

Its life, so ask yourself, "when will I become?"

That one that knows we either win some of we lose some

It is what it is, when life turns to the next chapter

You're ready to go along and move further

And always knowing in your heart, that

Life is phenomenal and unpredictable....

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