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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 34

Bernadetta A. Lapera

Bernadette always enjoyed cooking for family events and occasions and she liked hosting parties at her house during the Christmas Holiday. She loved decorating her house for Christmas and would start right after she took down the Halloween decorations and kept them up will after the new year. Our summer vacations at Ocean City Maryland shore was also filled with traditions like the daily morning walks on the boardwalk, long relaxing afternoons at the beach and evenings at the Salty Dog. Also beach breaks were take at the Pirates Den. Oh, and can't forget the friendly competition with her sisters as to who could find the most coins from the ground as we walked everywhere. Her son and daughter were the greatest joys of her life, her life revolved around them. Even though they lived miles away they talked often. She was glued to her cell phone. She anxiously awaited their arrival home for visits. She was proud of their accomplishments. Bernadette never let her breast cancer run her life, she battled that successfully over 10 years with courage and grace she was always optimistic. Even when diagnosed with lung cancer in July of 2010, she remained positive and had the attitude that she would fight again and beat it. She was even planning Thanksgiving dinner the week before she passed last year. She is our here and I know I speak for my parents and sisters not a day passes since November 13 2010 that we aren't reminded of Bernadette's absence.

Bernadette also had a love for the New York Jets. She is a true blue dedicated follower of her team. Win or lose Bernadette was cheering them on. I can still hear her cheers JETS, JETS, JETS. She was at her happiest when she could arrange a trip to New York to see her beloved Jets and include our father in the outing with her. WE all now cheer for her Jets whether we are followers of them or not.

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