Giving Life a Second Chance
Through Organ & Tissue Donation

"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 34

Christopher Clark

December 11, 1953-November 6, 2010

Chris was caring husband, father, son, brother, and friend. When his life was take so suddenly, at the age of 57, our family and friends were devastated.

He was an avid Boston Red Sox fan for which this square has been developed. He loved all sports, but basketball was his favorite. The red square is a shirt of mine which will be nice for Chris to travel with.

His death alerted many family members and friends to have their own health issues checked which has resulted in a better life for them. It has given our family great comfort to know he has helped others by being a part of the organ/tissue donor program.

Chris's memory was extraordinary. He had the ability to remember dates, times, and facts that went along with different events. His favorite pass time was working outside and manicuring his lawn. And in fact, on the day that he had left us, he was doing just that. The song, "My Way" which he loved, played a major part in his life on the day of November 6th, 2010.

Chris's family, especially his tow sons were all he needed in his life. Today we miss him and will keep him in our hearts forever.


Dalida, Colby, & Justin

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