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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 32

Dale Lentz

3/4/47 – 1/17/10

Dale was a quiet honorable man. He was not afraid to do anything and he did not care if it was a “woman” thing…Our Sunday school class decided to learn knitting to make prayer shawls. Dale learned to knit also!...

On vacations he was the best, he would stop wherever you wanted. He also kept busy on vacations trying to squeeze every minute of fun into it.

Dale was an avid hunter. Before we married, I had to agree that bear season came before my birthday. That was never a problem until the year I turned 50….needless to say the bear won….He loved to fish and some of his fondest memories was fishing with son and grandson.

Dale loved singing in the church choir, he sang loud and proud and always off key!

He was a maintenance mechanic by trade and I always though he and his work buddies would try to outdo each other in fixing things. My favorite saying was Dale could fix anything and he fixed everything!

Dale loved his family. We were a blended family with 5 boys…They were never yours or mine, they were ours. He was proud of each and every one of them. He loved his daughter in laws/companions. All they had to do was ask and they got whatever they asked for.

We have 12 grandchildren and sadly he only knew 11. He enjoyed teaching them to garden and pick strawberries.

Retirement was something we were really looking forward to. We had many plans that were cut short.

We have many friends but determined we were best friends and wanted to do everything together.

Dale has left a hole in all of our hearts that is slow to heal.

His quilt patch was designed and made by our oldest grandchild, Cheyenne and her maw maw, Kelly.

Dale will always be my lifetime partner…

Ginger Lentz and family, Michael and Angie Lentz, David Lentz, Kevin and Ang Salemme, Chris and Cara Salemme and Ryan Salemme and Tara Mettee. Our grandchildren we are so proud of…Justin and Collin Lentz, Cheyenne, Braydon, Declan, Ella, Lucas, Kendall and Jakob Salemme and Jackson, Parker and Cooper Salemme

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