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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 32

Raymond Aaron Knarr


Our square is tie-dyed because they were his favorite shirts to wear. The material is cut from Bubba's Uncle John's T-Shirt. The tree represents his love for nature as he was always outdoors camping and hanging out with his friends. The skateboard was a love of his as long as we can remember. He would custom design his own boards and was very good at it. The last Christmas he was with us - he was 19 - he asked for and received a new skateboard. I still see him sitting on the couch smiling holding it. The orange Gerber daisy was my favorite flower and we used it as a large centerpiece as part of his funeral service. We take one to his resting place on the 13th of every month as his birthday was on the 13th - actually born on Mother's Day - what a precious gift. His name on the square is my handwriting and his Aunt Nena (who made the square including tie-dying it) stitched over that as well.

The "Love M & D" was how we (his mom and dad) signed the notes we wrote him on the white board in our kitchen. We choose to create this square as our last signed love letter to our son, Bubba.


M & D

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