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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 32

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Daniel Preston LaMar

To Whom it may concern,

The quilt I made is in memory of Daniel LaMar. He died on 23 March 2004. Dan was a remarkable man. We met in Nov. 1979 in Dublin, Ireland. We began a friendship through Letters for two years until we got married in July 1982. Dan had been in the U.S. Navy for 8 years when we met. I moved to the U.S in August 1982 after we got married. We moved with the Navy five times before Dan retired after 22 years service to his country. In that time we had three beautiful daughters, Susan born in Jacksonville, Florida, & Karen and Danielle born in Japan.

Dan was a wonderful husband and a terrific father. He always made time for us to visit my family in Ireland. He was also very close to his own family. His mom, Joyce Demczyszyn, his Dad, James Peters, his brothers John Demczyszyn, and Scott Demczyszyn. The stars and Red, White & Blue on the quilt represent Dan's Love of his country, the anchor represents his service in the Navy. The four Red hearts represents his love for his mom, Joyce, his Dad Jim, his brothers John and Scott, and their love of him. The shamrock represents Dan's love of Ireland. The three hearts together are the great love he had for his daughters, Susan, Danielle & Karen and theirs for him! The I LOVE YOU square is in memory of my love for Dan and the wonderful times we shared. The white cross in the centre represents Dan's faith, he had a strong faith in God that he said it helped him all through hi life. Dan was 50 years old when he died and in that time he was loving, sincere and generous to all. Dan,

We all miss you and love you.

Phyllis LaMar & The Girls

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