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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 30

Britany P. Leger

Britany Leger

Britany, or Snarky to her friends, left an indelible footprint on everyone's heart that knew and loved her. Just 15 years old when she was tragically killed, Britany had a soul wise beyond her years. She had a unique style about her, and it was expressed in so many different ways, the list is endless. Britany's life was her friends, and she took every opportunity to spend as much time with them as possible.

She was an artist not only at heart, but in soul as well. She had developed talents ranging from sketching, to glass blowing. True to form, she had her own unique style of dress that people came to expect her to uphold, and her hair was usually dyed a special color of the week, often more than one at a time.

Born in Houma, La and raised in Pennsylvania from the age of 3mos old, Britany considered herself a true Cajun, and would tell anyone who asked she was from LA. The fleur de lis has come to represent her in so many ways, and we all hope she is at rest in LA with her favorite aunt and other family members.

When asked if we would give permission for Britany to be an organ donor, neither of us hesitated to agree because Britany's life was her friends, and we were certain she would want the opportunity to help someone else in need. Even though she was not old enough, after losing her favorite aunt in a tragic motorcycle accident, she had expressed the desire to be a registered organ donor. In giving of herself, in this way, hopefully her recipients will have the opportunity to experience the same zest and love of life that so defined who Britany Pearl Leger was.

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