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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 30

Robert Joseph Miller

July 5, 1955 ~ February 18, 2010

When I decided to make my husband's quilt square a composite of photos, I had a difficult time choosing which ones to use. Bob had so many different interests.

There was the photo of a proud teenager wearing his #53 Varsity football uniform from Frankford High School. There was also his photo with the long anticipated '75 Corvette which we sold when our daughter came along. Another favorite was the picture of Bob standing next to the full size Lost In Space robot he built. What a project that was! Then there was our 10th Anniversary photo when he surprised me with a Hot Air Balloon ride. What a beautiful morning we had!

Then it occurred to me that Bob always told me the best part of his life was his family. For that reason all of the photos I chose were of my husband and our daughter, Taylor. The first time he held her. Their first Tea party - I call this photo "Big man with a Little tea cup!" I also included backpacking at the zoo, the first of many dance recitals (he loved watching her dance), having fun with my Dad and Taylor's 10th birthday picnic with friends at Graeme Park. One of her friends took the photo for us.

I have been blessed with 32 years of marriage and memories. I am grateful to Gift of Life for making it possible for Bob to give the Gift of life to others and for the amazing support I continue to experience from everyone associated with this

incredible group of loving friends.

With sincere gratitude and much love ~ Karen

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