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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 30

Jeannette Alice Gore

Jeannette Alice Gore

Jeannette Alice Gore a dedicated wife, mother, foster mother, friend, and community member. Everyday she said to shoot for the moon and at least you will land among the stars; no matter what you went through in life she was one person you wanted there with you.

The lilac ladybug is twofold: lilac is her favorite color and the ladybug represents her dedicated friendships. Eventually, the ladybug came to signify Jeannette because it is believed that the ladybug symbolizes dedication and good luck.

I love you to the moon and back is a phrase she told her grandchildren every time they talked and with every card she sent. Before the grandchildren, Jeannette signed everything with Oceans of Love. These simple phrases are reminders of how immeasurable and indefinite her love is for us.

143 is a special number meaning I Love You. Sometimes there is not enough space for words; nevertheless, Jeannette would never miss the opportunity to let you know she loves you and she established the meaning of 143. A number written on piece of paper... a hidden message found along the day... a reminder someone is thinking of you and the day became a little better.

As Jeannette's family, we dedicate this quilt patch to our favorite ladybug: we love you to the moon and back, too.

Oceans of love,

Bob, Bob, Rich, Russ, Kim & Steve

Zackery, Joshuah, Suzette, Melissa, Bernie, Aleksandria, Liz, Catherine, Alison, Christine, Chrissy, & Kimmie

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