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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 28

Charles "Chuck" Colletti



Chuck was a Father, Grandfather & Husband. He worked for a Distribution Company most of his life. First as a driver, later as a general manager and at the end of his life as a Accountant and Manager. He had an easy going gentle manner that made him a great salesman. Sixty-two men who worked under him admired him as a boss & manager. He was conscientious and hardworking. He always got the job done. He treated all of his employees, customer & coworkers with dignity & respect.

He loved Doo Wop music, Rock &Roll and most music in general. Classic cars were a favorite. He once owned an Orange Pontiac Judge and a Classic Vetter. He also loved going to the casino and playing slots. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Phillies were his favorite sports teams! Would get a little fed up with the Eagles when they didn't make it to the Super Bowl, but still kept watching each year and hoping (the Eagles Logo came from a favorite pair of lounging pants he wore when he watched the games). Cheese steaks were his favorite food. He was probably the only Italian man ever that didn't care for Spaghetti Sauce! He was always a gentleman and was always aware of his appearance and grooming. He has a smile and a nice thing to say to everyone he met. He was a kind man.

He had a cat named Bubba. He rescued Bubba from the SPCA. Bubba followed Chuck everywhere and was always by his side. Chuck fed most of the stray animals in the neighborhood and was feeding up to 10 cats at a time. When asked why he did it he simply replied, "someone should do it, so why not him?"

He was a loving father and grandfather. He was so very proud f his children, Joey, Chris, Dina and Mark. He was especially proud of them for being the responsible, hardworking and kind adults they grew up to become. He was blessed with a loving kind daughter-in-law, Deb. She became more of a daughter in his heart than she could ever know. He loved his son-in-law and was thankful for the love David showed his daughter and granddaughters. Chuck was married twice to two wonderful women who gave him his children, and the resulting grandkids. His grand kids are represented on the quilt square with him. They are Sam(Samantha), Ashley and PJ(Patty Jean). The younger children are Aidan, Brianna and Austin.

His last marriage was to me. The kisses on the square are form me! WE were together seventeen years. He was my guardian angel in life and I am sure he looks over me now. He was a soul mate and one of the kindest, most affectionate, hardworking, understanding, loving and caring man I ever had the privilege of knowing. I will always love him, miss him and most of all respect him for being the MAN, FRIEND and HUSBAND he was. We were truly blessed to have him in our lives. I know he is with GOD and the people who he loved that went to heaven before him. It is comforting to know he is out of pain and not alone. Chuck's corneas were donated to help give two people the "gift of sight". He would have loved doing that for them.

Mrs. Barbara Colletti

Thank you to our friends. Lee for being there trough so many hard times. My sister Priscilla and brother-in-law Norman, Eric, Sharon, Paul and John Polacek. We could have gone through his illness with you and your support. Also my friends Dan Kalfas for doing the art work on the square(photo) and Marlene Marks who is the talented seamstress who put it all together.

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