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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 25

Stephen Fullerton

Stephen Andrew Fullerton was my youngest child at 25. He had an older brother Brian and two sisters Melissa and Eileen. He was 10 when his nephew William, was born to his oldest sister Eileen. They grew up more like brothers since William lived with his mother Stephen, Brian and I most of his life.

He was complicated but he was very loving and had many friends a lot of them since he was young-well a child I mean. He loved to go fishing but he always threw back whatever he caught. He was interested in a lot of things-setting up salt and/or fresh waters fish tanks, cooking (he went to cooking school), writing poetry, studying Edgar Allen Poe and his works, playing video games, playing with his cats, and many more.

His sister Melissa lives in Australia so he never got to know his niece and nephew too well unfortunately. Melissa does tell the kids all about him so they miss him too. Melissa has spoken about organ donation to medical seminars that her sister-in law, a professor, has had in her country.

Since he has passed, his brother has had a beautiful son-just five months old now. He looks just like Stephen did when he was a baby.

We are a very close family and that has helped us deal with his death. We miss him very much though. I have five sisters and a brother so Stephen had eighteen first cousins (their kids). So there were always kids around and Stephen liked to play with the babies.

He made friends every where he went and he is much missed.

When we made the patch we used his pajama pants (his favorite bass print) and orange material because that was his favorite color. The picture and original poem are from his year book. We used the star(s) because he had a star tattoo on his elbow.

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