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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 29

Frank Maltese

I consider how to represent 23 years in a 10 inch square and knew that even a whole quilt would not be enough. You see, I am a quilter and Frank Maltese, my husband of 20 years, supported and indulged my passion for quilting, creating a sewing room where I could work. Frank indulged me in all things and his support was total- he was truly my rock.

How do you tell the story of how wonderful a husband he was and how his compassion and love for me and for others drove his actions every day? How could I make a few pieces of fabric tell others of the love he had for me, for life, my family, for travel, skiing, boating, canoeing, scuba diving and his complete devotion to our Husky Dakota and our birds, Niko and Abby?

When my mom came to live with us for the last 3 years of her life, he spoiled her just as he had me for some many years. My mom was also a quilter and was planning to make a quilt especially for Frank. She began to collect fabrics in reds, blacks and whites to make him a quilt for her heart. He comforted tm when she passed away only a year before I lost him. I decided to use those fabrics for the 'foundation'. The block, Yosegi nikuzushi or 'simple pairs' represents our life together and the black and white blocks bound together by red signify that while we were different in many ways, we were tightly connected forever.

The white dragonfly blocks were most important - Frank knew how I loved dragonflies and what they represent. They are included in the block to show the beauty, heart and spiritual light that was and always will be Frank.

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