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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 29

Albert E. Zaremba

May 20, 1934 -February 20, 2009

The quilt of Albert Zaremba symbolizes the various aspects of the extraordinary man he was. The skis and basketball represents his superb athleticism. Numerous scholarships and accolades were given to him throughout high school and college for his deftness on the court. The United States Navy emblem commemorates his brave and loyal service to our country and his time as a member of the Admiral's Staff. The passport, airplane, and pictures of China signify his love of travel. Throughout his career as a vice president for RCA and General Electric, he diplomatically negotiated electronic patents with foreign countries and businesses. He loved his work and was met with respect around the globe. The mere mention of his name initiated the response, "Al Zaremba, what a great guy and phenomenal businessman!" The seashells represent his love of the beach and, more importantly, the place he fell in love. Forty years ago in Spring Lake, NJ, he met my mother, Sandra, who he lovingly called his golden girl and both of their lives were made better. They had a marriage based on love, support, honesty, and humor. They showed everyone what commitment was all about. They had some wonderful trips to Asia, California, Hawaii, Europe, the Caribbean, etc and he was thrilled at what he could provide for us. His goal in life was to make my mom and me happy and he certainly succeeded. The father emblem represents that no one was a better dad. He was the absolute best! I always knew how cherished I was and how proud he was of me. My dad was always there for me and words cannot express how much he will be missed. Even at his passing, he continued to generously give through the donation of his organs. Albert Zaremba's legacy lives on each day and he will never be forgotten.

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