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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 29

David Devigili

December 1974 to June 2009

The picture that we chose for David Devigili's quilt square captures the essence of Dave. Strong, handsome, patient, compassionate, happy. This photo was taken as he was listening to someone else's story. His arms crossed signify that he's not going anywhere and has all the tine in the world to listen closely to what you have to say. That was the kind of person Dave was...

When people refer to Dave they refer to him as a "family man." His pride and joy was his son Adam. They were inseparable. I am Debi, his wife of 19 years. We parted ways but were back again raising our son Adam.

Dave loved his mom with all of his heart - they had a bond that was indescribable. His siblings meant the world to him - Carlotta, Joseph and Robert. He always managed to crack them up with his laid back attitude and big personality. His niece, "Kimmy Baby" was the apple of his eye. He couldn't get over how she managed to become more beautiful year after year.

The white butterfly in the quilt square is our symbol for Dave. His mom commented on how a white butterfly would be out everyday by the flowers he had planted for her. She would say "Hi Dave" and talk to the butterfly as though this dancing fluttering spectacle of beauty was actually Dave. It gave her comfort.

We then were all together at Adam's football game when Carlotta and I threw our heads back as a white butterfly skimmed over our faces! Okay, we're believers! A few weeks later Carlotta asked her mom, "Does the white butterfly still come around?" She said, "No, not lately." At that very moment, a white butterfly flew right across Carlotta's face... Yes, Dave was saying, "I'm still here!"

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