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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 29

David H. Francis, Sr.

12/26/1943- 12/22/2009

David and I were going to grow old together, or that was our plan. We married in June 2003 after we both had overcome failed first marriages.

The Pin on David's square represents the 30 years that he spent as a DuPont employee. After we met he introduced me to Country line dancing, he loved it! That accounts for the hat and boots on his square. The eagle represents the 3 years he spent serving his country in the U.S. Army. He so loved his Harley, I gave it to his oldest son after he died. David had 3 sons and 9 grandchildren. They provided much joy for him in his retirement.

The most important emblem on his square is the cross. David accepted Christ as his Savior in 2001. On 12/22/09 we went shopping then stopped for lunch. We arrived home and carried in the articles purchased, and then David sat down and had a massive heart attack. He was pronounced at 3:30 in the afternoon only 3 days before Christmas and 4 days before his birthday. Only the day before, he acquired a new driver's license and elected to be an organ donor.

Shock can be a very good thing; it allows you to do what is necessary before you collapse. I will always miss and love him. I know that he is in Paradise and someday I will see him again. I have wonderful memories; although; I wish I had been given one more minute with him. We referred to each other by our titles. In the first couple of years I was the wife and he was the husband. I'll never forget the day he referred to me as the "best wife", I then referred to him in kind, with a broad smile on my face.

David left this world much faster than he came in. He also left a legacy of family and friends that loved him. The greatest gift he gave was his donation of tissue, bone and corneas. He has benefited so far, 60 individuals in 20 different states. They range in age from 19 through 65. I have received one letter so far. It was from a 19 year old college student. I thank God for him and his letter; it came one month short of the anniversary of David's death. I was finally happy about the decision that I made on that unforgettable day!

Christina (David's best wife)

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