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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 29

Marissa Rose Gaspari

Marissa became a member of our family when she was adopted from South Korea on February 22, 1990. We can still remember her coming off the plane as we eagerly awaited her arrival at the Philadelphia Airport. Although we had just met her, we still remember the love immediately felt, especially mom, who after 3 boys, had finally gotten her little girl.

Growing up, Marissa led a normal life. She went to school, had sleepovers with friends, rode bikes, played sports and participated in school plays. She took interest in her family and told us that she loved watching her brothers play hockey. Marissa was a natural athlete and had a charming, outgoing spirit. She brought such joy and life into our family and was always willing to help others. Even after she passed on to Heaven, she was able to save a man that had less than 72 hours to live by donating her heart to him.

Marissa was also a mother to a beautiful son, Aiden. Some of the best memories of Marissa were seeing her big smile when she would play with Aiden or when he would kiss and hug her goodnight.

In a letter Marissa wrote several years ago, she insightfully shared: "Throughout your lifetime, there will be heartaches, disappointments and struggles. However all three of these are very important for a person to experience in order to live a life full of love, happiness and achievement." Those words stay with us today. Marissa, we love you and miss you so much.

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