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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 26

Elwood "Woody" Koch

June 7, 1940- March 7, 2008

"A man rarely succeeds at anything

unless he has fun doing it."

If this is one measure of success, then Woody was a very successful man. He threw himself into everything he did with determination and a great sense of humor. He enjoyed a wonderful reputation as one of the best painters and wallpaper hangers in the Bloomsburg area for over thirty years. He was very particular and paid painstaking attention to detail.

As hard-working as he was, Woody was also very fun-loving and sociable. Anyone who knew him will tell you how great he was at telling jokes. And people all over town knew that he took great delight in telling the latest stories whenever they would meet. You could always find Woody in a crowd by following the sound of his laughter. As a friend said at hearing of his passing, God must have needed to hear some good jokes.

Woody also enjoyed woodworking and carving, building models, and collecting things, especially Planters Peanut items. He was also very proud of his extensive collection of old, rare postcards from towns where he and lived and form our favorite vacation destination, Cape May. But of all of the things he loved, cars were his passion from the time he was a kid, all kinds of cars. And he built scale models of the ones in his life that mattered most to him. The Stock Car Racing Experience, where he actually got to drive a NASCAR race car, was one of the most memorable events in his life. Whenever he would tell the story of that day, his eyes would light up as if it had just happened.

Woody was truly " The Sunshine of My Life" and I miss him very much.

Loving wife,


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