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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 24

William Anders Apgar

November 11, 1943-November 30, 2009

Lancaster, PA 17601

Our third vacation of 2009, more than we had ever taken before, sometimes not even one, was coming to a close as we packed up to head back to Lancaster on September 12, 2009. A quick trip to our favorite little store, after breakfast, was in order. The Hawaiian shirt caught Bill's eye! "Seven dollars, should I buy it?" "Of course," I replied "It will be great for next year." Our eyes met and small smiles of reality were locked on our faces. "You are right," he said and off we went, shirt in hand, back to Lancaster to unpack.

Our "next year" arrived with a massive blood clot in November. Admitted to the hospital in great spirits, we settled in and planned for going home to have our own special Thanksgiving dinner.

Pastor Ted visited everyday. Bill and Ted talked for hours and my dear husband told Ted he was aware of God's grave as he struggled with his breathing.

Thanksgiving Day, Bill asked me to go home and get the Hawaiian shirt. I believe he felt God calling him. When I returned the nurses bathed him, washed his beautiful silver grey hair and put his Hawaiian shirt on which he renamed his paradise shirt. "I am now ready to see my family and greet my grandchildren." They did come that day and he sat up tall and hugged each one....I Love You was constantly repeated.

Monday evening we said goodbye to husband, father and Tatu, as God eliminated and his earthly suffering and welcomed him to paradise.

Our family's quilt piece reflects the paradise shirt, Bill's strong belief in God's grace and love and his courage.

God's grace is sufficient for all and his umbrella is large enough for all.

The Apgar Family

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