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Jesse D. Hoffman

Jesse D. Hoffman

Jesse, my husband, and I were married 32 years. Next three children where born; the first a boy who passed away 45 minutes after birth. Next two girls born; then each girl had a boy and a girl. And we have a dog and cat. Jesse's mom lives with me and has been living here for 15 years. Jesse was labor, forman, etc. He was a good hard worker and friend to all who knew him. Jesse liked watching NASCAR racing, football, old cowboy movies, Elvis movies, listening to all different kinds of music and spending time with family and friends.

We had a great last Christmas together (2nd sometime after that) he passed away, but before he died, three days before his last grandson was born. (but he never got to see him.)

We show him pictures of his pappy so he knows him. My one girl grand child made a Christmas card for pappy's grave; she misses him so much, we all do miss him. The other girl grandchild prays and talks to him in her bedroom. The older grandson is having a hard time dealing with his pappy passing, they were very close. I hurt too much still.

My husband has a very good friend that was like son, too. He worked with and visit him. That's all now, because I am a better talker then a writer.

We Love You Always,

Your Family

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