Giving Life a Second Chance
Through Organ & Tissue Donation

"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 23

Victoria Ashley Hedberg

The quilt square that we have sent in tribute to our daughter Victoria is of the mythical figure of Pegasus. It is said that everywhere that the winged horse struck his hoof to earth an inspiring spring burst forth.

This quilt square holds many meanings for us; Ashley loved horses and was an accomplished barrel racer so it seemed fitting to put Pegasus on her square. She passed away doing what she loved most, riding horses. It was an unfortunate accident but, through the Gift of Life Program, she did not die in vain.

"From one to many so others could live" depicts that through one person many others can now live productive lives. We have received wonderful letters from the organ receivers and through those letters and through this journey of making this quilt square we have been connected to many wonderful people. Ashley continues to touch our lives through others.

Through the donor program and from all of the support and programs it has helped us to get through our grieving just a little easier and with more grace. Thank you for al you do and for us to have this opportunity to honor our daughter who is our hero as well.

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