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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 4

Cassey Lynn Parent

December 25, 1981 - September 27, 2003

Casey Lynn was our Christmas present born in Hartford, CT, she passed from this life on September 27, 2003 in Bethlehm, PA in a scuba diving accident. This panel, in shades of purple, was Casey's favorite color and the picture came from her dive certificate. The lettering, in gold, represents Disney -her favorite place on earth.

Casey was a young woman full of promise and hope - generous, caring, loving and the thread of life that held her family and friends together. It's so hard to find the words to share all that she was, all that she accomplished...her spirit. She made the decision to be an organ donor while still in her teens - a decision she was proud to make. She would show everyone her organ donor designation on her driver's license - whether they wanted to see it or not! When I was approached at the hospital, and asked if I would consider donation, there was no hesitation in the answer. Yes - let my daughter's life help another with her gift. We are not sure, at this point, how Casey's gift of corneas, skin and bone has helped another, but I know that she is up above telling everyone she meets "see there - I helped this person", just as proud now as she was the day she signed her donation card.

We will miss our Casey Lynn for the rest of our days. We have our loving memories, both happy and sorrowful but one comfort is knowing that through her gift she continues to live.

With much love,

The Family of Casey Lynn Parent

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