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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 4

Michael Joseph Eagen

In loving memory of Michael Joseph Eagen

Loved and Missed Beyond Words


Mike loved music. He played several musical instruments when he was in grade school. In high school, we bought him his first guitar. He taught himself to play and enjoyed this very much. He had many CD's and "Freebird" was among one of his favorite songs.

After reading the first two lines on the lyrics of "Freebird", I knew this would be the theme of his quilt square. The tan and blue pieces are taken from the jeans he wore. The center or "heart" of the quilt square is from a pair of white pants that his best friend, Chris gave him when they worked together in a restaurant. Christmas 2003, another one of Mike's friends, Danielle, came to visit and gave us the picture of Mike playing his guitar. Although it has been bittersweet making the quilt square, it has all come together perfectly and has brought us comfort.

Even though Mike is gone, he is still very much a part of our lives. Mike has touched many lives by his kindness and friendly smile, but most of all, by his Gift of Life. He is now truly free.

Missed and remembered everyday, with love,

Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Angela, Brittany, Tommy, Sue, Lindsey, Chris, Danielle, Matt F. Matt S., Joe, Dan and Friends

Thomas and Ethel Eagen

November 14, 2004

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