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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 2

Nick Civitella

One Cannot Crawl If They Were Born To Fly

Nick had a passion for life and displayed that in all he did. Soccer was his first love. He excelled in it and played Varsity for 4 years. Nick was happiest when playing soccer seven days a week. Tournaments were the best because he got to play two or three games a day. The blue and white fabric in the patch is from his varsity uniform. Football was an extra sport for Nick. He was the Varsity place kicker for three years and was All-Delco.

Nick loved the American flag; he had one in his Jeep and one in his bedroom. He also loved the ocean. Nick could spend endless hours sitting by the beach and watching the ocean. He was a certified scuba diver and loved to surf. A favorite quote of his was: "Like an eagle that spreads its wings to fly away to better things, Let us surf until our graves are filled with only perfect waves."

Nick based his life on fairness and respect. He wouldn't think twice about helping someone, whether it was a friend or an older person. He was three and a half months away from fulfilling his dream - to live in California. Another of Nick's favorite quotes was: "Only the good die young, To live life with regrets is like having a thorn in your side, so do it while you can before it slows you down."

Nick Civitella August 15, 1980 - September 14, 1999

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