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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 5

Seth W. Hampton

Born: July 7, 1986

This was the beginning of the best years of our lives! Seth smiled and made others smile from the time he was born. He was our only child and was killed at age 17 in an automobile accident on June 12, 2004. A motorcycle slammed into the car that Seth was a passenger in, killing a total of 4 people.

He was a kind, loving, intelligent young man who will never be forgotten. The night of his memorial service our huge church couldn't hold all of the people that had come to remember him. Seth graduated with honors from Manheim Township High School in Lancaster, PA on June 4th, 2004, and was to attend the University of Pittsburgh in the fall. He was a member of the track and field team. Stories of the laughter he shared with his friends and their families are still being told and will be forever. His group of friends included all types of people. As many of his friends told his mother, everyone liked Seth. The best times of his life were spent with family and friends. One friend hadn't seen Seth in years and couldn't believe it when Seth saw him walking and turned around in his car to come back and ask if he needed a ride. This is "our Seth". Although we will never be the same, we are definitely blessed to have had him here on earth for almost 18 years and now as our Guardian Angel! I'm sure his "giggle" and his love are still making an impact in heaven where we can't wait to be with him again.

He made such a difference in so many people's lives, that at the time of his death, it was definitely the right thing to do in sharing his life with a donor.

Love ya!!! (... kiss) ... This is how we ended all of our phone conversations...including the last one ... and we are still blowing kisses and hugs to heaven while saying "Love ya"!

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