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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 5

Dwayne B. Crews

March 11th, 1970 - September 26th, 2004

I never thought that I would ever write or talk about you in the past tense since you are with me every day.

You're like the treasure at the end of the rainbox__The ray of hope that keeps me going.

I never thought that our first date would change my life. We (had) a worldwind romance that fairytales are made of and a marriage to boot. He (was) great.

He enjoyed fixing things especially if it dealt with electronics. He enjoyed playing video games, the computer and his life was always surrounded by music. He also enjoyed cooking (especially) B.B.Q.'s, taking walks, reading which included the Bible and just loving life.

Even though his life on this earth was short-but very potent-our love is eternal.

If you look in the dictionary for the words father, husband, provider, lover and clown the definition would read: Dwayne B. Crews.


Janet (wife), Tom, Mike (sons), Debra (mom) and Denise (sister-in-law)

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