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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 6

Matthew Joseph Pettola

My Unsung Hero

In January of 1992 my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia. During her treatment, I met numerous family members who helped pave the way. During that time, I met a man who was very kind and caring, who later on became my husband. For every time he saw me, he was always asking, "How is your daughter doing?" Unfortunately his stepson passed away from a brain tumor, but by then our friendship was already blooming. Our lives took in a different approach, but our friendship remained the same.

Around January or February of 2001, Matt called me and told me he was moving to Pennsylvania. I said that if he needed a place to stay, my door would be open for him. He proposed to me in the fall of that year and on December 1, 2001, I became Mrs. Matthew Pettola. We were very happy, as we were soul mates.

Then on February 23, 2004, my life was forever changed, as I lost my best friend and husband. We had spoken earlier about his wishes and I knew that he would want others to live on through organ transplantation, so without hesitation I authorized the recovery of his organs.

His legacy is living on in others. He is truly my "FreeBird" I see in the sky.

Sherry F. Pettola

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