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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 7

Eric J. Mertz

Our patch is a symbol and tribute to our beloved son Eric who because of his donor status lives on in many this day. This was his wish from the time he started driving - to help others if needed. His enlistment in the Marines continued with this helping, as he was involved in the initial invasion of Iraq toppling their leader and giving hope to those people.

Eric was a much traveled person, visiting most of the United States including Hawaii twice where he climbed Diamond Head at a very young age. He so enjoyed theme parks, especially the roller coasters. His proudest moment was when he graduated from Boot Camp at Parris Island receiving his Eagle, Globe and Anchor pin. Possibly at this moment his Gift of Life to others may supersede that high of his life.

We chose the various items on the patch for the following reasons:

Smiley faces because he was able to bring a smile to any one's face especially if they were hurting in any way.

The Pumpkin face is there because that was the time of year he enjoyed the most - touring all the haunted houses within a 50-mile radius.

The Snowflake represents his love for skiing and snowboarding here in Pennsylvania and Colorado.

The Bowling Pin and Ball represents his love for that sport.

Musical notes are for his love for all styles of music from rap to classical. He had two guitars to play.

The two stars are for him and his brother who he has joined.

Lastly, the pictures represent his military life and return to civilian life.

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