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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 1

Lisa D. Huff

Lisa was born on June 18, 1954, to parents who loved and cared for her throughout her life. She was born the first of five girls. All the girls looked up to Lisa for her advice and good decisions.

Lisa grew into an exciting and beautiful teenage who had a great interest in horses. She graduated from Spring Grove High School of Spring Grove, PA in 1972. She worked several jobs, before enlisting in the US Air Force for four years. While serving in Italy she met a man who she married. After her four years with the Air Force she and her husband resided in Florida. She was then diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Lisa then moved home with her parents in Abbottstown, PA. She struggled for years to get her illness under control. She became pregnant and gave birth to her daughter, Tiffany, on January 8, 1987. She managed to save enough money to purchase her own home. She worked very hard to make the home perfect for her and her daughter. The home was a big accomplishment in her life. She became engaged to a man whom she was to marry in the fall of 1998. Lisa never got that chance to marry the man of her dreams. She passed away on July 15, 1998.

In closing, Lisa was a caring, thoughtful person. She donated her organs to those people who needed the GIFT OF LIFE. She is and always will be a very special daughter, sister, and mother who will live in our hearts forever.

From Lisa’s beloved family,

Miriam & Harold Huff

Lynne Wallet

Lona Mellott

Lori Ashman

Laurel Huff

Tiffany Huff

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