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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 21

Mark A. Kelleher


My husband, Mark, passed away quite suddenly: within 24 hours of an issue arising, and only 5 days after his 41st birthday.

Mark was passionate about life. He was a "family man" in the truest sense. Mark attended every event involving our children. His family always came first. He was a very kind and gentle man who never spoke an unkind word. He had a wonderful sense of humor, loved to read, was passionate about music, the arts, education, current events and history and loved his crossword puzzles.

Mark loved family events and "get togethers" with friends. He loved to laugh and loved family stories. He enjoyed telling his favorites as well as hearing those told by others. Family photos were always cherished and continue to be.

Mark was conscientious about his health. He exercised daily and kept himself in great shape. He was extremely proud of his profession as a lineman for the local power company. He was constantly learning and honing his craft. He loved and respected his "brothers" there and they, in turn, him.

Mark's favorite holiday was Christmas. It was so fitting: he truly was the spirit of Christmas all year long. He was a loving husband, father, son and friend. Mark continues to inspire many. He set such an incredible example for all of us.

I am thankful for Mark's decision years ago to be a donor. It is so fitting that a man so giving had the opportunity to continue to give and affect others with his indeterminable spirit and love.

Ida Marie (Dee) Kelleher

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