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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 19

Khrystian Fuhrman

How can you describe a child in 250 words or less... PRICELESS! This quilt square includes Khrystian's favorite things. He was an avid Power Ranger fan. His whole life revolved around the Power Ranger toys, costumes and when the show was going to be on. If we see anything about the Power Rangers, we immediately think of Khrystian. His Make-A-Wish was to meet the Power Rangers, and the smile on his face when he hugged them was priceless. He had a smile that would make you smile, even if you were not feeling like smiling. Red was his favorite color, so the zigzag represents that. The stars on the fabric represent the star that was named after him by Make-A-Wish. If you look into the skies and find the big dipper, you can see his star shining brightly above the crook of the handle of it. The silver glitter around the clouds is because Khrystian was my silver lining in the clouds. No matter how badly the day was going or how upset we were, Khrystian would smile and brighten our day. He was our kindred spirit and now we are lost without him. He is forever in our hearts, thoughts and love and when we look to the sky we hope that he is looking back. This quilt square represents how Khrystian touched our lives with joy and innocence.

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