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Patrick Michael Bowers

Patrick Michael Bowers

3/8/1990 – 8/7/2007

Patrick is the fourth of our eight children. He was our largest baby weighing ten pounds and eleven ounces at birth. We were truly blessed to have Patrick and will never stop asking, Why? He went away on a vacation to Wildwood, New Jersey with a friend and his family and what happened to Patrick will remain a mystery.

He always had a smile that would light up a room. He was a loving son and brother; always willing to help the family when needed. He was intelligent and a National Honor Society student at Council Rock High School South. He was a dedicated employee of Acme Markets and at, the young age of seventeen, was highly recognized as an employee being given many responsibilities.

He was a wonderful son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend, student, and co-worker. Patrick was a great listener and many people confided in him for help and comfort. He was very religious and never afraid to speak up about his faith. He served as an alter server at St. Bede the Venerable Parish for many years. He was personally honored and blessed when he was in my womb by Cardinal Bevilacqua and, at the age of seventeen, invited to attend a dinner with Cardinal Rigali.

Patrick was a proud American. He voiced his political opinions and always defended our country. He was really looking forward to his eighteenth birthday and, accordingly, using his right to vote.

On Patrick’s sixteenth birthday, we took him to get his permit. I will always remember when they asked him if he wanted to be a gift of life donor. He then turned to me and asked, “Mom?” I responded, “I am. You can’t take your body with you.” Never did I think that seventeen months later, I would be faced with that ultimate decision. Patrick was a kind and giving person and I know that this is what he would have wanted. He never hesitated and positively signed on the line.

Patrick was the sunshine of his Grandmom’s life, and he now rests in peace beside her. The rest of his family are now left with the endless pain and sorrow and are forced to endure the rest of our lives with our hearts forever broken. He loved being a part of a large family and, now, our family chain is broken and nothing will ever be the same.

Patrick, you will be loved and remembered always.

Love Always, Mom, Dad, your brothers, Bobby, Bubba (Tom), Sean, Michael, Danny, Joey, and your sister, Lori (Dolores)

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