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"Threads of Love" Donor Memorial Quilt: Quilt 14

Patricia Ann Witkoski

My sister and I made this quilt square in honor of our mother, Patricia Ann Witkoski. Our mom passed away suddenly after a brain hemorrhage. Our mother’s wish was to donate her organs and so that is how we met the wonderful people from the Gift of Life.

We wanted people to know about our mom, so when designing her quilt square we placed her picture on a piece of her apron. Our mom was the greatest cook in the world. From the homemade food she made, to the soups she created, to the pies she baked, Mom could do it all.

Our mother also had a love for sewing and making beautiful crafts. She used to make us cute little outfits, Halloween costumes, etc. Our mother also made beautiful wreaths, centerpieces, wedding and shower favors. You could give her anything and she could make something wonderful out of it.

Mom also enjoyed flowers and gardening. She would sit on our back porch and watch the humming birds eat out of her feeders. She loved when our father would give her yellow roses or daisies.

Our mother loved her family and friends. She adored spending time with her grandchildren Desmond and Isabella. She always put everyone before herself, and never asked for anything. She always wanted to know what she could do for others; who she could cook for, whose bridal shower she could bake for, whose wedding could she make favors or centerpieces for. Anything you needed, our mom was always there to lend a helping hand.

Our mother is now our angel in heaven.

April Genovese and Amy Witkoski

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